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Lyl Favresse, art and hedonism


Lyl Favresse’s artwork is inspired by the light, colour and tones of the French Riviera, the best inspiration for the artist.

Her artwork seeks an optimistic and delighted vision of life. It seeks to represent beautiful moments through soft tones but loaded with energetic and a warm touch. Through subtle characters, with women as one of the great protagonists.

Her paintings are such as a serene, sweet and peaceful world. A relaxed, hedonistic world full of happy moments, beautiful memories and enjoyment.

Lyl Favresse’s artwork pays tribute to life through elegant and suggestive strokes that today seem more necessary than ever.

«I really love to paint beautiful places and people enjoying good times”

Lyl Favresse

Lyl Favresse, was born in Morocco and currently lives in Cannes. Her artwork has been exhibited in Nice, in Paris, New York and China, among other places.

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