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Houda Bakkali signs the Moët & Chandon’s cover for James Magazine

The visual artist Houda Bakkali has signed the new issue of the Italian luxury publication James Magazine. This edition shows one of the most selected champagnes, Moët & Chandon 2013 Grand Vintage.

“For this cover, I was inspired by the exclusivity of Moët and the elegance of James Magazine. The design is based on a golden circle that represents perfection. The dynamic circle is starred by the bottle of Moët and the sinuosity of its own shadow in a nod to the stimulating games full of fantasy that the moments we share with this champagne. An enveloping sensory space, suggestive and full of sensuality. A space featuring Moët’s bubbles, sophisticated, ideal for every occasion, ideal for the most special parties and to share unique moments. The cover recreates a world without regrets, designed for exclusivity and pleasure, bathed in golden color and a delicate effervescence that suggests the most intense delights of life, which, in most cases, are found in the more small details.” Underline the artist.

About Houda Bakkali

Houda Bakkali is a visual artist and art director based in Barcelona, Spain. Her colourful works have been exhibited worldwide and her techniques and creative process have been recognised by different international magazines and institutions, including the Palazzo Bellevue, the Museum of Flowers in Sanremo (Italy), Casino of Sanremo (Italy) or the Spain Culture in New York. Her work is created by combining digital illustration and mixed technique as well as motion graphics and augmented reality.In 2008 she published her first the series called “Africa sweet and Pop”, a series based on the digital collage technique. Afterwards she has developed numerous graphics and editorial projects as well as audiovisuals. In 2018 the series “Beautiful African Woman” projected the artist onto the international scene, winning prestigious awards such as The New Talent Award at the Artists of The World International Festival in Cannes.In the digital age, in which the human component appears increasingly powerless in the face of a foreign and impersonal macrosystem, Houda uses new artistic techniques as a tool for a peaceful protest, as a means to reinvent the world by claiming the centrality of the human being incorporating augmented reality into her creations to give a different dimension to each artwork and making the public enjoy an immersive experience, bringing art to life. Her artwork has been honored with awards from the American Illustration (NY), International Motion Award, the New Talent Award at the International Festival Artists of the World in Cannes, London International Creative, Paris Design Award, Creative Quarterly (New York), and for four times Graphis Silver Award (New York), among others distinctions. Houda Bakkali has worked for different companies and organizations managing different projects, both visual art and communications, as well as multimedia and interactive design, audiovisual projects, editorial, etc. Houda Bakkali is a member of The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles

About Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 2013

Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 2013 is a champagne marked by a late vintage. Its flavors and fragrances shine through, while its maturity is expressed through its autumnal notes, golden hues and lingering bubbles. It fills the palate with energy and its delicate acidity envelops the mouth with a characteristic grainy and refined texture. Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 2013 leaves a suggestive bitter final touch of white grapefruit. Moët & Chandon, founded in 1743 with headquarters in Épernay, is one of the best-known and best-selling champagnes in the world. More info

About James Magazine

James Magazine was born in 2017 following a dream, to create what did not exist, from a crazy intuition of the journalist and director of the publication Bruno Petronilli. Today, prestigious names in Italian gastronomy, tourism, art and culture have left their signature and testimonies in this exclusive project, formed by a team of professionals with a long history. All of them united to share the same philosophy of life: tell the story and beauty of the world around us. More info


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