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Cidalia Blanc, passion and visual harmony

Cidalia Blanc was born in Portugal. Self-taught artist, he currently lives in L’Herault, France. She has always been attracted to artistic creation and more specifically drawing. She explored her inner world through different techniques such as painting on silk, charcoal painting, oil, pastel, etc., Her first artworks were figurative and she also was interested in sculpture. In 2006 she started painting on canvas and developing an abstract style in a deeper way. Her particular concept, based on visual freedom and elegant movements, represents a passionate style full of colour, powerful tones and rhythm.

Her work begins by placing thick layers and then selects a color palette on which she works in different ways: with a brush, with a knife. Trying to compose a passionate and visual harmony between the colors, the shapes and the effects of the materials.

For me, art is not to reproduce but to create works. Painting has become a real need. I paint my feelings in the present moment. I am like a kind of meditation, in another «frequency» where time no longer exists. An intuitive painting, a reflection of my deep and spiritual identity ”, Cidalia claims.

“For me, painting has become a real need»

Cidalia Blanc

Cidalia Blanc is a consolidated artist and her artwork has been exhibited in different fairs in Toulouse, Montpellier, Cannes, Millau, Cournonterral, etc.

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