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I tend to find inspiration in all things that catches my eye

«Mi mayor motivación sigue siendo conocer al público y compartir sus sentimientos y sensaciones»

Being different from the others! With DNA we really believe in the power of the difference. That’s why we got so many designers with very different profiles and cultures from more than 70 countries.

La obra de Patrick Moles se deja guiar por la fuerza inagotable del color y del alma, de las emociones y de la espiritualidad

The image of nature comes to me as a kind of inner and poetic music full of emotions.

Tania Lahti is Russian artist based in French Riviera. Her artistic concept combines different styles.

Wilco Westerduin is an awarded Dutch photography artist, active in the Basque Country. He started at the end of 2013.

Lyl Favresse’s artwork is inspired by the light, colour and tones of the French Riviera, the best inspiration for the artist.

Her particular concept, based on visual freedom and elegant movements, represent a passionate style full of colour

Las obras de Neumi Dudas Crepel, recogen la figura de la mujer como protagonista indiscutible.

Actor, profesor de interpretación, escritor y dramaturgo. Coan Gómez es un profesional en pleno crecimiento, en plena ebullición

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